About the author and the brand

monarosa, 29.8.2011

I was born in Třinec to a family where women always sewed, knitted and crocheted. Men took apart different kinds of machines and then put them back together. They painted and played musical instruments. All of this is combined within me. I could not avoid it. So I paint and model cuts. Cut cloth, pin, stitch carefully and decorate all accompanied by inspiring music. I graduated from SSUŠO Ltd. in Frýdek - Místek, programme: Modeling and Clothes Design.  I now live and create in Prague since the summer of 2003.

First, I worked as a tailor, then as a shop assistant in a clothes shop. Later on, I got to my second passion - theater. For 3 years, I worked as a dresser in the “V Dlouhé” Theatre. This influenced my view on costume art design and which is often present in my creation of clothing and permeates the fashion shows. In 2004, I created my first theatrical costumes for the amateur theater group from Sokolov. I then cooperated with several theater groups from Karlovy Vary and Prague, followed up by three theater productions in the professional theater in Pilsen.

My first fashion show was held in 2006. I presented the models that I had sewed and hid in a closet having had no hope of them ever seeing the light of day.  Nowadays, the realization of thematic fashion shows and collections is an integral part of my life.

In August 2007, I got a wonderful opportunity to open a shop with my own couture. Thinking it over for a long time I came up with MonaRosa, a stylized abbreviation of my name.  Although the shop does not exist anymore, the need to create has not disappeared. Since mid-2011, MonaRosa became a registered trademark, with the French postscript "la mode pour vous" or "fashion for you". France is my dream destination. During 2010, I spent a month in Paris as a student and this experience has left indelible marks on me.

I have given up the job as a graphic designer, recently, so designing and sewing has become my full time job again.

For now, apart from production on order, I sell mainly on the Internet. That’s why, I like participating in markets with independent fashion, where I can meet new people – whether other creators or customers. These meetings bring many ideas for my new creation and continuous improvement.